07 February 2006

two minutes to 40

in two minutes, i'll be 40.

it's weird. those of you who've crossed that line know what i mean, and those who haven't probably wouldn't understand anyway, so that's not what this post is really about.

one morning during a prayer meeting at the church, i was using an ipod on loan from jd, my 11-year old son. i listened to a group i'd never really listened closely to before - ten shekel shirt - and the first song that came up had these lyrics in it:

i'm allowed to live to make the Maker smile.
i'm about to give the best years of my life.

i've been blessed with a lot of life in my 40 years. growing up as an mk (missionary kid) i got to live in the philippines twice and in belgium for a few years. by the time i was 20 i'd been in something like 25 countries, and changed schools 12 times.

in the next 20 years of my life i did a lot less travel but i was blessed to have jobs for the most part that paid me to do what i loved to do. i worked in software training and support, learning tons on the job. i also worked as a youth pastor and for the last 6 years i've been working at hpc.

while i've always done my best to do what i had in front of me to do, i think i've always had this deal working in my head that i'm always working for the next step ahead. i think that drive has helped me, and it's part of why i've been able to learn what i have to this point in my life. i've seen a lot, and i cherish the blessing of the experiences i've had so far.

what i am realizing now for my life is that now is the time for me to stop being concerned so much on the next step ahead, and begin to enjoy thriving at what i am doing now. there's still drive, there's still a whole lot of push - don't get me wrong. but there's a new sense that says to me that (to pull some thought from the book "living your strengths") i need to begin to worry less about being well-rounded (and thereby being dull) and instead begin to excel at what i do best. to make sure in these next 20 years that i do all i can to give everything i am to the things that only i can do:

  • only i can be the husband my wife needs

  • only i can be the father my daughter needs

  • only i can be the father my four sons need

  • only i can do what God has called me to do on this staff at hpc

i'm absolutely sold out to making the next 20 years be consumed with putting to use all that God has blessed me with in the first 40 years - putting it all to use in what God has assigned me to do on this earth. I want these next 20 years to make every blessing God has planted in my life to bear fruit for Him.

i can't wait. two minutes to 40. two minutes to the best years of my life. i hope i make my Maker smile.


Ben said...

Happy Birthday!

FeatherIron said...

Happy Birthday Dan-O!

David Russell said...

Happy Birthday, Dan!

Chris Jarrell said...


You are absolutely right. It is totally about people. Mark Driscoll said something like that in his latest message on 1 Cor. 2, He gave an example of someone who went to hear a very highly educated well spken preacher and the person could not remember what the preacher said. Mark Driscoll always brings back to Jesus, straight and simple.

I am definitly going to check out Dino Rizzo, thanks for the recommendation. I appreciate your blog. Keep sharing and keep influencing. It is so important that we keep connecting people to Jesus. Oh by the way, Happy Birthday.


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Cajun Tiger said...

Meant to come on your sight for a B-day wish on your B-day...can I use being in the middle of a desert and a war zone as an excuse for being late? ;)

Andrew said...

Happy belated B-day!

(The password on this post is atpmrna. You can tell I'm a bio major cause I know what they- atp and mrna are two entirely different things- are. :D)

Jean Ohlerking said...

i remember well the day...
it started with a miracle and a psalm.
i knew God had something very special for you at the start.
happy birthday my son.
i love you.