21 February 2006

"all-or-nothing" vs. diligence

i tend to be an "all-or-nothing" type of person. and i married someone who is the same way. it actually is a good thing in many ways, because when we're on it, we can hit some stuff out of the park together. but i know that there's the element of diligence and patience that tends to wane when we give in to the all-or-nothing mindset. if i can't do it all the way completely everything i want something to be, then i tend to not want to do it at all. all or nothing.

my daughter tori actually inspired me to write this with her post a couple days ago. she applied it to her quiet times with God. daily diligence is way better than hit and miss (which is what "all-or-nothing" winds up being).

God, help me to do what is right every day, every decision, every breath i take - and not be so consumed with "making a dent." help me to be satisfied more with diligence than an infrequent "hit."

and thanks, Lord, for my amazing daughter.

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Cajun Tiger said...

I struggle with the same challenge. It is definitely a personality thing. However, I recognize the absolute need for diligence and consistency when it comes to daily quiet time.

It has taken me far too long to get to that point, but due to recent events, the priority has taken a new level of importance.

Basically I had to force myself by actually writing it down in my palm pilot. After a month now, it has become much easier and I'm starting to find myself anticipating the time.

Diligence pays off!!!