23 February 2006

amazingly huge opportunity for outreach

aley demarest (yeah, he's got a name - he's not just "elizabeth's husband") heads up a new thing for cucd ("church united for community development" - a group strongly supported by healing place church along with household of faith and louisiana family forum).

the new deal is something they're calling "step out" - a ministry to reach out to prisoners who are being released to help them return to society with a lot of support around them. it is funded by a grant, and aley is doing a great job with it. he's an incredible individual with a heart to do whatever it takes to get the job done - and his job as he sees it is getting people in a place where they have an opportunity to have a life-changing encounter with God. they've got a lot of opportunity to touch a lot of people who are being released from prison. what a great time to be there for people - to be there with the love of Christ and helping them establish themselves again, and to begin living the life God intended.

check out this press release for more info, or call aley (225.753.2273).

pray for aley and the rest of the team as the launch out into this. pray for them, and if you're in the baton rouge area, go ahead and ask God about whether He wants you to get involved. it just might be the place God has created for you to serve.

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Ben said...

Wow! What an incredible ministry opportunity! Thanks for this post Dan. This is a great idea!