23 February 2006

want a reality check?

read this post on my dad's blog. i've been on IM with him for the last 30 min or so - he's in swaziland right now where children's cup is working to make a difference in thousands of kids' lives (and adults, too).

he's got a lot of great posts - he's a great writer, so that's to be expected. but this post will be hard to just ignore.


joyce said...

Your Dad IS a really good writer. I've read alot of his newsletters and noticed how good he is at expressing imagery, people and other such things.
Very comunicative and highly effective at the same time.

Your parents are awesome. I can't imagine how it must be to have such great parents and such a wonderful heritage in the Lord. That is something money can't buy.
They will and already have left a huge legacy on this planet. It's people like them that are MY personal heros. They may not think they do much, because I know people like them always want to be doing more for their cause, but they ARE making a big difference in the lives of those they are around and touching in Africa and elsewhere, even here in Baton Rouge.

I appreciate their hearts and lives. Their personal sacrifices. I only WISH there were more people around like them. "Christiandom" needs good Godly examples like them, because we are lacking.

Missionaries like the Ohlerkings are rare. I know a few still, but they are becoming rarer and rarer and even harder to replace.
This especially saddens me deeply, not only the lost and dying world, but for the "church world" in general.

God, PLEASE give us more "Giants" in the faith to lead us by their examples. We say we want to see "reality" but do we want to live it and breath it like they do.
Like Jesus did.
I do, and I know others have this same heartcry.

Dan Ohlerking said...

thanks joyce. my parents really are cool. i know they don't see it (and maybe this is part of why they're so cool), but they are for many of us the victor plymires and morris plotts of today's mission field. there are others to be sure. but these two are mine.


thank you, joyce for the encouragement this is to them and hopeuflly to others to follow their lead.