28 February 2006

doing ministry strategically

here's my notes i had prepared for a teaching i was going to do this morning (didn't actually do the class due to a scheduling problem - but that's okay).

doing ministry strategically

i really think i got some "rev" (as dino rizzo puts it) about strategy and planning for ministry. one huge factor is how we plan for the unplanned. how do interruptions to the plan fit into our overall strategy?

i'm posting it here mainly because, well, because i can. if it helps anyone, then that's really cool. if you do read thru it, lemme know what you think.


JP said...

GREAT notes man...i might have to steal those one day...that cool???...great list...smith wiggle....lol...yeah got some of his books ...hes crazy....hey i tryed the game on tori's page...yeah took me like 20 mins that joker is hard...holla back

Joel Dyke said...

Some awesome teaching Dan. I really enjoyed reading through all of your notes. As a matter of fact, we have a staff meeting coming up in a couple of weeks and I plan to incorporate some of your thoughts on being strategic. I appreciate you Bro!

lincoln said...
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Dan Ohlerking said...

thanks joel. i'm actually getting to do the chapel for the elevate students in the morning, so i'm gonna actually speak on this after all. i'll let you know how it goes.

(i'm a little nervous - speaking is so different than writing.)

lemme know how it goes with the staff meeting - i'd love to hear your application of the ideas up there. post some notes or an audio link or a transcript or something if you can....

thanks bro!