24 February 2006

welcome home

i know it has to be more than just a sign - it has to be a passion. but i love this sign in the lobby at healing place church. whoever's idea it was is a genius. not just "welcome" but "welcome home" - how cool is that?

and it is our passion to make hpc a place where people can come and feel welcome in the same way they would going to their home. whether they are sons or daughters "living" at home or prodigals returning home... this is home - this is where they belong.

God, help us to live up to this sign's message. for the sake of the people you love who are looking for home in so many wrong places.


Jean Ohlerking said...

tends to make me homesick...
there's no place like home.

Cajun Tiger said...

I always feel home when I'm back visiting my HPC family!!!