22 November 2005

what makes you want to blog, anyway?

i read a post on one of my favorite blogs today. check it out here:
Mad Babble From A Church Planter...: Might be the medicine...

i wonder what it is that makes us all want to blog anyway. i can think of a few reasons that would make sense:

  • communication with a group of people all at once (like a lead pastor communicating with the people in the church)

  • outlet for those who enjoy entertaining others

  • a place for arguers to thrive

  • if no one listens to you in person - maybe they'll listen online

  • for those who used to keep a scrapbook on all they do - blogging is easier

  • sharing of ideas with others with similar interests so no one has to reinvent the wheel, and to foster a creative synergy

any other ideas? any thoughts on any of the list above?

1 comment:

Jean Ohlerking said...

i have more words to say in a day than i really have time to speak...this is one way of using them up. :-)