17 November 2005

pursuit and being pursued

i had a cool thought hit me this morning. as much as i'm zoned into the word "pursuit" every time i see it nowdays, i picked up a new angle on it this morning.

when i read books, i get sidetracked in my head a lot after reading a phrase or thought that starts me thinking. i'll keep reading the page, but my head is somewhere else entirely. i'll read a thought and i'll be 900 miles away from the book a few paragraphs later and then i'll realize what i'm doing and have to turn back a few pages and re-read what i just eyed while i was chasing the rabbit.

anyway, that happened to me this morning. i was reading a book called "God's Blogs" recommended to me by a good friend, Kevin Wells. i love the concept of the book, although the expression is a little cute sometimes, the idea is great. anyway, there was a line in there about God pursuing us. if you've noticed my description of this blog, i'm all about pursuing God and trying to know Him and make Him known - that's my mission.

here's the thought that hit me - God is pursuing me. and God wants to know me. it's a really cool twist to the idea. i know He knows where i am, and i know He knows me well. but to realize that He is agressively coming toward me - wanting to be with me - that's pretty cool. this isn't hide and seek with God. this isn't tag. it isn't a race. it is the two of us running toward each other (granted, too often i'm distracted from my running).

God is into me. the One who made everything and who knows everything about everything - He wants to know me. wow.


tori ohlerking said...

I forget to think that way sometimes, Thanks for the reminder. :-)

Cajun Tiger said...

God definitely pursued me when I was in Kazakhstan.

I was feeling a little homesick on my 10th day. During a tour of Oralsk we went down to the river. It was hot, humid and lots of bugs. Felt just like South Louisiana.

To me it was God saying even though you are half a world away, you are always home with Me. Very special moment!