07 November 2005

simulated press conference?

anybody actually like ESPN's simulated press conference deal?

not sure if they are serious or not. kinda weird.


David said...

I thought it was a good idea, not sure if the execution was great, it did seem a little cheese. But overall I thought it was a pretty smart idea, worth trying to pull of.

Dan Ohlerking said...

yeah, after last night's yankee's spc, i'm getting the idea more, but liking it even less.

Andrew said...

What was it? I didn't catch it and haven't heard about it until reading this post.

Is there an article about it online?

Dan Ohlerking said...

not sure about anything online about it yet. i bet there's something at espn.com. still don't like how it's working. too unnatural. maybe they just need better actors for the press people.

DonMichael Norwood said...

i think its a bit quirky too. ESPN usually has great stuff that they air, but they do tend to have their..."what the heck was that" moments. Remember Beg, Borrow, and Deal?

Dan, I think you're awesome. I regularly check your blog!