15 November 2005

make your christmas count

there are two thoughts i'm heading into these holidays with. first of all is what dino rizzo always reminds us as a staff at healing place church, make sure that before you sit down to christmas or thanksgiving dinner, that you've done all you can to help someone else have a better christmas. i SO want my kids to experience that with vicki and me this year. my daughter tori went to an outreach to new orleans with refuge last saturday - it is stuff like that that i want to make sure we take the opportunities at hand.

the other thought is that i just got done posting some information on the children's cup site about christmas at the carepoints. real briefly for those of you new to children's cup: children's cup is a great organization in southern africa working with AIDS orphans. we are going to have a christmas party for the kids in december, and we're believing that God is going to use that to really create a strong message to these kids' hearts.

regardless - whatever you do - make sure you make your christmas count for something besides eating extra food. make sure it is still about people.

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