01 November 2005

my future daughter-in-law?

check out josh foster's little hackster.

if it were up to my five-year-old lincoln, he'd be asking her to become an ohlerking today. actually had a ring with him he would have given her at fall fest sunday night if he had seen her there.

i made it clear to him, much to his dismay, that this ring was not in any way anything more than a friendship ring. man, when i was five i thought girls were nasty. either hope is a special case or lincoln is.

maybe they both are.


Geoff Surratt said...

YOu should be ok, Dan. Just tell your son he can't marry anyone too young to spell Ohlerking.

Dan Ohlerking said...

if i did that, i could change my name to deBloqVanscheltinge or something then. i actually went to school with a kid with that last name.