20 November 2005

"feels kinda whitey" - huh?

my five-year-old son lincoln is smart as a whip, but those smarts also make for some curious usage of vocabulary.

friday night he had started to get some chapped lips (we're all getting chapped lips from the "extreme" cold lately - we went below 40 degrees one night - oooooh).

anyway, he hasn't ever really had chap stick on his lips i guess, so when his older brother j.d. put some on him, he said, "ooh, that makes me feel whitey."

after a good laugh at his expense, j.d. told us how lincoln had commented about his stuffy nose a few days ago - he described his nose as "feeling green."


what a cute kid. i'm so glad i get to be his dad.


JD said...

dad - i was reading it to lincoln and he said "i hope he dosn't put it in the news paper oh, thats his blog cooly"
anyway just wanted to tell you. see : ) later.

- jd

Dan Ohlerking said...


the vocab adventure continues....

Jean Ohlerking said...

that's my grandson. very cooly. green and white cooly.

Jerry Burgess said...

Hey Dan,

Fancy meeting you here. I'm in DC, looking for a church and followed the pastor's blog and there you were. I visited you in Manila a bunch of years ago. You will likely not remember me, but your dad and mom likely will. We went to church together in Springfield, MO when you were just a pup. Your grandparents and uncle Tom were there too. The good old days...I think so. Blessings. Yes, he is a cute kid.

Jerry Burgess