30 January 2007

my heritage

my dad is about to turn 67. on valentine's day, he and mom will celebrate his 67th birthday and their 48th anniversary. if you've read much of my blog, or spent any time listening to me talk, you know that i'm proud of my dad - proud of what God has done with his life. he's the founder of children's cup, he's spent nearly four decades in missionary service, well over 100 countries he's been in, directing missions projects in more than half of those - and particularly in countries that are the hard places in the world.

he posted something on his blog recently that i think will give you a glimpse of what makes me so proud. he's a great writer, so don't let the length of the post scare you off - once you start, you won't want to stop. here's the link.

do me a favor and wish him happy birthday while you're there. and if you wanna, you can visit my mom's blog too and wish both of them a happy anniversary.

shameless plug for the parents' blogs? you bet. you would too if they were your parents.

love ya mom and dad!


#4 said...

we should start a "I have a really cool Dad club."

Dave Ohlerking said...

Thanks, son.
You are biased.
Mom & Dad

Jean Ohlerking said...

thanks, danny.

and happy birthday to you. and lincoln. and rhodes and rhett. and david 3. happy anniversary to j&j.

what a busy month!

i am married to the greatest guy in the world--our lives together have never been boring.

living for Jesus, serving Him in far-off lands, touching the lives of little kids who are hurting...

it's been far more exciting than we'd ever imagined. we truly want to be missionaries all of our lives.


Gered Lambert said...

Loved it. Great post. Great family. Great God.

Joel said...

You are a blessed young man. I met your dad at the ARC conference that was held at HPC and I must say they were awesome! I hope my girls feel about me like you do about your parents when they are your age. See you soon at the HPC Experience!

Cheri LeBlanc said...

I agree you have the most awesome parents in the world. I consider it a privilege any time I get the opportunity to talk to them. Don't ever take them for granted, and it's obvious that you don't. That proves that you are smarter than the average son!