28 January 2007

free calendar

if you didn't get one yet, we've still got a bunch left. the new 2007 children's cup calendar is loaded with some awesome pictures of the beautiful children that children's cup gets to help in southern africa. the phenomenal photography and all the design are all credit to ty vanrensburg.

if you want to get a free copy of the calendar just get me your mailing address. if i were you i wouldn't post the address here in a comment on my blog - instead, just email us (info@childrenscup.org) and ask for a 2007 calendar and give us the address you want to have a free calendar sent to.

also, if you are part of a church or business that could give more copies away to people, we're ready to do that as well - just let us know now many you need, and as long as we have supplies, we'll get you all you can share.

why not? they're free to you and i guarantee they'll bless you.

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