03 January 2007

fightin' tonight

marc cleary and i dressed appropriately for the day

so, tonight it's the fighting tigers versus the fighting irish.

geaux tigers.

a quick look at the mascots should give you a hint what i expect to see tonight. consider - a little green dude with his peanut-sized dukes up, putting his hopes in a clover, or a bengal tiger, teeth sharp and ready for the next kill.


good luck, marc.

i do actually hope it's a good game. blowouts are boring.


Cajun Tiger said...

I think Marc should be made to do something very embarrassing after wearing such a blasphemous shirt in Baton Rouge =)

Chris said...

But, if you have to have a blowout instead of a loss, take the blowout.

Congrats to LSU.

Michael Norwood said...

first half was good, second was indeed a blowout. I still can't get over how effortlessly Jamarcus throws 58 yards.

Anonymous said...

oh how bad it hurts :( i'm a huge irish fan (i live about a mile away) and to see the second half and the weak play calling of Weis really hurts. be gentle to Marc. it's not nice to kick him when he is down :)