08 January 2007

don't mess with the SEC in football

lsu 41, notre dame 14

florida 41, ohio state 14

don't even think there's a comparable conference out there. SEC is in another tier in football.

congrats, gators.
here's what lincoln (my 6-year-old) thought about the sugar bowl, by the way. second half was indeed pretty boring...

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David said...

Yeah. This championship did leave me longing for more "real" game. Lincoln is right -- that second half was a snore-fest. I had hoped OSU would've come out fired up and ready to play, but they didn't. I hadn't even made the connection with the LSU / ND score. That's wild.

SEC football is indeed the greatest, but they won't mention that on TV. In fact, they barely mentioned Florida's loss to my Auburn Tigers. To me, that was the big news of the night. Auburn beat the national champs. :)

Still, I wasn't pulling for Florida tonight. I just can't do that. Ever. They did play a great game though. They played like champs.