28 January 2007

isaac and carol - now in africa

left to right: me, vicki (my awesome wife), carol and isaac williams at the hpc staff retreat

not only is this a rare opportunity (possibly a first on this blog) for me to post a picture of my wife, but it is also a picture of vicki and me with two of my favorite people on the planet - isaac and carol williams.

isaac and carol just left this week for africa - heading to mozambique to pastor the new healing place church campus in nkobe and to direct the new children's cup carepoint there as well. they finally got there to my sister's house in swaziland, and in the email i just got from my mom (who is also in swaziland) i learned they had a get-together with a bunch of missionaries to welcome them, but the power was off (as happens quite a bit there). so they had a cool "TIA" moment right off the bat.

(they even had a "TIA" moment in washington d.c. on the way out there - i'll save that story for them to tell on their blog. but i do wanna give a huge shout out to david russell from national community church for stepping up to the plate and helping them find their way around d.c. - russell, you rock, bro.)

very cool how God has had His hand in this whole thing with isaac and carol all the way.

proud of y'all, isaac and carol!!


Jean Ohlerking said...

You'd believe it that Susan is feeding the new folks very well: homemade bread daily, among the other good stuff.

We are so happy to have them here...finally!
Tomorrow Susan and Ben are taking the Williams on their first visit to Mozambique. (That's gonna be a blog post to read.)

Pop and Meemaw get to keep the grandkids!

Aley D said...

That's a great pic. The guy who took that must be the coolest picture taker who is not really a picture taker but takes a lot of pics because that's the only way to get a couple of good shots for his blog that is somehow not listed on Dan O's favorites. Do I need to send the address? HAHAHA. Love you guys Aley, Elizabeth & Nathanael

Dan Ohlerking said...

aley -

what? who's not listed on my favorites?

thanks for the pics - sorry i missed giving you the creds for shooting it.

ladies and gentlemen - aley demarest shot that picture. he's the man.

no really.

visit aleyandelizabeth.blogspot.com today and see for yourself.