10 January 2007

men at frank's - it's on

men's breakfast at frank's - 6 a.m. today

we're back on - wednesday mornings at frank's - this time looking at spiritual fitness.

cool thought that dino rizzo started with: you cannot achieve your wildest dreams by remaining who you are.

it starts with a true appraisal of who we are and how we're doing. pride comes before a fall. am i not listening in some area of my life? are my pursuits empty? proverbs talks about the rich man fading away because of empty pursuits.

God is drawing us all to another place in our lives. drawing us closer to Him. a year from now i don't wanna be fighting these same giants anymore. 1 kings 18:21: “How long will you falter between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him.” But the people answered him not a word. the choice was set before the people. we are continually being brought to crossroads.

what are some areas we are facing choices?

for me it is priorities - particularly in key relationships. giving priority to key relationships in my life. our time and our lives say more about what our priorities really are. my energy investment tells what my priorities really are. wife, children, inner circle of friends, accountabilities. by the way - accountability is something you have to go out and find and make happen. find someone you can be accountable to in your life.

another area of choices is in deciding what i'm going to decide. not going to move without God's direction. prayer. prayer. prayer. fasting. always good to start the year off with fasting. helps you hear from God about stuff. never regretted fasting something. but i have regretted not fasting.

another area is in our actions. choose to take actions that will strengthen you not weaken you. 1 timothy 4:7 - reject profane and old wives’ fables, and exercise yourself toward godliness. another version calls it "keeping spiritually fit." i believe it's time to get stronger in the Lord. 2007. what happened in 2007? i got stronger in the Lord. i got more consistent, more toned, firmer about my convictions, built up in the Holy Spirit. that's what i wanna be able to say. by diving into His word, by prayer, fasting, by making right choices... i can do that.

strengthen your heart - every time you read a scripture, write a note down, pray a prayer, fellowship with brothers in the faith - you strengthen your heart. if we don't guard it, we'll have heart problems. not one of us hasn't thought about how much we don't want heart problems. do a spiritual workout. get leaner, more fit spiritually. recapture days in your life by investing in your spiritual healthiness. it'll enable you to stand firm in an area of your life. you can run with the vision and the dream. you can be strong enough to carry it.

10-week challenge:
  • be at frank's every wednesday.

  • commit to read 1 john.

  • pray on tuesdays and thursdays at 6 a.m. at the highland campus.

  • fast. get with johnny green to learn more about it if you don't know what to do.

  • get involved in a life group.

i believe this is gonna be an awesome 10 weeks. "but it's tough. what if i don't make it thru?" well, what if you do?

in these days we need men who are going to say to God, "here i am, send me."


Paula said...

great post dan . you challenge me to look where my priorities are and where I'm spending time. thanks!!! :)

Gered Lambert said...

Thanks for the recap Dan. Didn't make it Wed. morning. I worked Tuesday night and then had to babysit Jada Wednesday after about 2 hours of "rest". Still recovering... Can't do at 34 what I used to do at 24. Knowhatimean?

So, thanks...