23 February 2007

weather dude video

my friend bobby lepinay posted this on his blog the other day - a video of a weatherman with a slightly different approach to making weather "interesting" to the viewers.

here's the post on bobby's blog.

watch the video here.

thanks for the laugh, bobby. i needed it today.


Jean Ohlerking said...

Although it took me about 25 minutes to download that video, and it was definately goofy, I really got more laughs out of one of his previous posts (Feb 15) "Ways to Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity." Gave me some great ideas how to make life more interesting...

His blog is worth reading!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan...! Just want to say hi, my friend, and tell you I think about you often. Thanks for the kind words......looking forward to bringing my honey over there soon to hang out. I have never heard of Boutins....Always up for good 'homegrown cajun' food though! Bobby Lepinay