08 February 2007

lincoln's getting older

he's about to turn 7 tomorrow. the real sign of aging is that he is already dressing with the shorts and black dress socks.

"what, dad.....?"

we didn't let him go out like that.

he did give me a cool birthday card today (my birthday is today, his is tomorrow). it was printed on the outside saying "today is your special day." then on the inside it was printed, "tomorrow is not." then he wrote in on his own - "IT'S MINE."

today is your special day.
tomorrow is not.
it's mine.

thought that was pretty creative.


David said...

Happy Birthday chief! And Happy Birthday to Lincoln as well. :) Y'all have a great one!

Griffis said...

Little Linc is so old now. And that makes you so much older. It has been a while since the days at the Cup. Love peace and chicken grease! I love what you've done with the place here. You are a blogging machine.