20 February 2007

oasis of life church in bulawayo

check this out... i got this email from a great friend of mine planting a church in bulawayo, zimbabwe with the help of a bunch of folks here in the usa - particularly those over at celebration church of jacksonville (they're also starting a new children's cup carepoint there.)



We had our first service on Sunday!! It was wonderful. The atmosphere was charged with God’s love and presence. The worship was awesome. We held the meeting in a home. We had 45 people in all. After the service we all shared some lunch. God is truly up to some really great stuff. What a privilege to be chosen by Him to be a part of all this. We just want to love Jesus Christ and these wonderful people. Thanks for being a part of what God is doing right here right now. This is indeed kairos time.

go get 'em pastor dixon.

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