09 February 2007

so how was kenya?

my friend geoff surratt just spent some time in kenya. he's a writer anyway, but what he just posted on his blog about his trip will give you a good sense of what africa will do to you when you go there.

now, understand... geoff is a veteran in ministry, a pastor at seacoast (a great church in south carolina) and he has been supporting missions in africa for quite some time. this was his first visit to the place he's been supporting for so long.

check out his post here: geoffsurratt.typepad.com

here's a piece of it:

"So, how was Kenya?" I've been trying for two weeks to frame an answer to that question, I still don't have an adequate response. As we were walking on a dirt path between walls of tangled vegetation, stepping carefully to avoid the cow dung that was scattered everywhere we went, dodging a donkey running at us from opposite direction, we came upon two small children. They were dressed in rags, they seemed to be about four or five years of age. The older boy was carrying a yellow container apparently sent to fetch water for their family. There were no parents or siblings anywhere in sight and we hadn't seen any kind of house for quite some time. Just two nearly naked toddlers carrying contaminated water to their mud hut or metal shack or concrete bunker or whatever passed for shelter for whatever passed for a family.

read the whole post and check out his pictures here.

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