27 October 2006

trains, rain, toy story and sports ill - me and my four boys

rhodes and rhett in the foreground, lincoln in the background

had a cool time last night at books-a-million with the twins and lincoln (jd and i took them there in the rain cuz we had to clear out of the house for tori's "closer" life group they do at our house every thursday night.

thursdays have become a cool downtime i get to have with the three youngest boys (lincoln, rhodes and rhett). jd usually has his own life group to go to. but last night his was cancelled, so he came to help me out. he was great help (thanks jd) - especially with tracking in and out of the store through the rain.

i took them to the book store thinking we'd read some books or something (ya think?) but they saw the train and it was all over. except for lincoln.... he found the tv with a video of toy story in it, so he was right at home. what an outing. leave home to do what you do at home anyway - hmmm. but they had a blast, and i loved watching it happen.

jd and i found this really cool 50-year anniversary book from sports illustrated - full of pics and stuff like cassius clay as a kid, a shot of pistol pete, willie mays - all the old stuff. and there was some crazy shots like one of a baseball catcher totally upside down but fully extended and the base runner touching home plate looking at him like, "dude, what are you doing?" wild shot.

anyway - it was fun. i love my boys. i love being a dad.

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