24 October 2006

excuse #13

here is the next excuse in the ongoing series i've pulled from keith green's "why you should go to the mission field" - excuses people give for not going.

"I'd go to the mission field, but...."

"But I could not afford to get the training, and raise the necessary finances to place myself (or my family) on the field."

keith's response....

Don't worry, God'll help raise the money you need. Wherever God guides, He supplies - even if it means helping you get a job! Problems and worries about finances are usually only a surface excuse when it comes to obeying God to go. In your heart you know He'll make a way for you!

my thought:
do you really think God's up in heaven regretting calling you to go because He just can't find the resources to get you there? He owns the cattle on a thousand hills - shoot - HE OWNS THE HILLS!

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