25 October 2006

sunday's message highlight thoughts

here's some cool thoughts dino rizzo included in his message this past sunday. i thought it was not only one of his funniest messages (which is admittedly quite a long list) but also one of the most timely and clear "this is what we needed to hear right now" messages as well.

he was talking about the story found in 1 samuel 14:1-18 where saul's son jonathan and his helper were choosing to take on 8,000 enemy philistines in a battle. 2 against 8,000. jonathan says "maybe God will help us...."

here's some lines i wrote down that stood out to me:

  • they decided their problems will not be resolved sitting under a tree.

  • going after the enemy with a "maybe" is better than sitting under a tree worrying.

  • one of them had a sword, the other just had kung fu, and they both had a big climb ahead of them with 8,000 enemiies on the other side of the climb.

  • it was two men, one sword and a big God - and confusion set in at the enemy’s camp and they started killing each other.

  • after the enemy was thrown into panic, then the israelites came out from hiding in the caves and helped fight.

the big takeaway for me from this message:

I don’t wanna be in the last little bit of a miracle. Isn’t there something in you that wants to be in on the start of a miracle?

there sure is. i wanna be in on the start of a miracle. i want to be sure i'm ready to be used by God and i wanna be sure to be in the right place when a miracle is needed.

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