27 October 2006

the big time

cory miller just did a post with some q&a he did with me - check it out here. i guess i'm in the big time.

for real, it's a pretty cool site - good info, interesting stuff about pastor/church blogging, etc. he's got a good knack for blogging stuff the way i like to read blogs. short, interesting, relevant, light, etc... check it out here: www.churchcommunicationspro.com

thanks for the post, cory!


Joel Dyke said...


You are in the "big time" my man! I really enjoyed your answers. I always enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to read about your trip to Africa. We prayed for you while you were away.


Ben said...

Wooah! You're famous! And I kinda know you! That's pretty cool dude.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget us little peeps =)