24 July 2006

jay miller is blogging

jay miller, aaron broussard and me at frank's this morning

jay miller is the pastor of the family church in lafayette, louisiana. we were in bible college together so we go wayyyy back.

i had breakfast today with him and a really cool guy from his church, aaron broussard, talking about the future of missions and i'm excited. jay has a huge heart to touch the world in a way that counts - not just to get a cool plaque on the wall or to put another notch in his belt. they are also a key part of the new carepoint/church that children's cup is building in mozambique along with healing place church.

partnerships like the one between children's cup and hpc and the family church are crucial to making a lasting impact in missions work. it's just that much better when the partnership is with people who are cool like jay (the hat he's wearing in the picture tells all about his coolness). and note the FORTY DAYS OF PRAYER FOR THE CHILDREN prayer guide he's holding - product placement..... (thanks jay)

check out his blog when you get a chance and welcome him to the 'sphere.

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