31 July 2006

10 things on my mind tonight

  1. i really love my wife and kids.

  2. i have an appreciation for the humor in the shrek movies that is disproportionate for my age.

  3. kung pao at pf changs tonight was good, but it didn't have near as much "pao" as did the conversation with the friends i was with - robert and vicki pooley and their daughter.

  4. the 9th ward is getting cleaned up but the devastation we saw yeasterday with the team from national community church is still very visible. like tim elzea said - it is just more than i can get my head around. a year later.

  5. i love blogging. i can't imagine anyone with access to the internet not wanting to keep a blog.

  6. cranberry juice isn't half-bad. so i water it down halfway and it isn't bad at all now.

  7. united is gonna be here tomorrow night. i'm not sure i've got a three-hour concert in me anymore, but i'm ready to give it a go - it's gonna be really cool - i know that much.

  8. my netvibes rss reader has way too many blogs with new posts in it for me to really read them all tonight.

  9. i'm glad tori's back from mexico - i'm glad she went, but i'm really glad she's home.

  10. tomorrow starts FORTY DAYS OF PRAYER FOR THE CHILDREN. i really can't wait to see what God does with it.


Anonymous said...

i prefer pageflakes.com as an rss reader. I like that kind of service.

williamfay said...

me too, it's really simple to use and loads faster

FeatherIron said...

We did PF Changs over the weeked. Candice had never been and we knoew we jsut had to take her there before she left!

I don't even really like Chinese but I love PF Changs!

Karen Harvey said...

Dan, love your blog. I always see your comments on Carole's, so I'm visiting.

Stephanie said...


It's suppose to be " 1. I really love my wife and kids. And Stephanie!"


Bob Franquiz said...

P.F. Chang's Rocks!

Mongolian Beef rules.

If you really want to impress, order the Mongolian Trio (Beef, chicken and shrimp). It's not on the menu, but they make it and it never disappoints!

Dan Ohlerking said...

karen - great to hear from you - when you and brad gonna start a blog? it's about time...

anon and william - thanks for the heads up - i'll be checking out pageflakes.com

f.i. - i'm with ya there - changs is just enough not chinese for me to really love it.

stephanie - ha!

bob - that's so weird about that mongolian trio deal - robert pooley must have heard about that from you - he ordered that and it really did look great. his wife had the mongolian beef and she gave me a taste of it - slammmmmmmmin'.