12 July 2006

great brian houston quote

"We will always have more vision than resource."

he said it in the context of church, but i think it should be true for families and ministries of all kinds. our vision should always be out in front of our resources, regardless. i want my family to always be dreaming things that stretch us to reach for more. i want hpc to certainly have more dream than we can do right now. and i know children's cup is dreaming bigger than the resources are there for right now. but that's good. and as resources increase, the dreams MUST increase as well.

the qoute is in a book that dino rizzo brought back for me from the hillsong conference - the book is called "selah" - really cool quick inspiration-type book with some great quotables and even a few stinger thoughts in it.

stuff that makes you do what the title says - stop and think about it. thanks, dino, for the book - yet again you hit the spot.


FeatherIron said...

I think the world has just gone mad becuase I actually watch Brian Houston on TV sometimes! I watched Joyce Meyers and Joel Osteen the other night too! I guess I'm just getting over my TV preacher phobia!

FeatherIron said...

Notice the pic change? better? Why be ordinary?

Dan Ohlerking said...

much better pic. that finger pointing thing was a little creepy. this looks more like the narniac we all know.

Bruce said...

Dan I like that quote - it keeps you dreaming big. Of course, if you're dreams and vision are not bigger than your resources then a) somethings wrong or b) you are Bill Gates :)