27 July 2006

3 days out

three days until we day #1 - i can't wait to see what God does through this.

i'm overwhelmed at the number of bloggers who have posted links to the site - helping spread the word and asking people to join Children's Cup in prayer for 40 days beginning this coming monday. check out this list. thanks y'all!

Matt Fry (NC)
Pete Kim (VA)
Mike Haman and Family (LA)
Late Nite @ HPC (LA)
Tass and Karen Abu Saada (Gaza Strip)
Brad and Nicole Duplechain (LA)
Ken Witcher (soon to be Paris)
Eddie Guerra (LA)
Ben Abu Saada (KS)
Kevin Wells (LA)
Emma Sciant (Nepal)
Joe and Cheri Leblanc and family (LA)
Carole Turner (LA)
Anthony Hilden (MN)
Jay Miller (LA)
Colleen Thorp (LA)
Kurt Hargis (LA)
Scott Aughtmon (CA)
Shane Comeaux (LA)
HPC Elevate Swaziland Team (LA)
Kevin Beck (CO)
Meghan Kinney (LA)
David Turner (IL)
Travis Johnson (FL)
Tori Ohlerking (LA)
JD Ohlerking (LA)
Joel and Angel Dyke (LA)
Jason Guidry (LA)
Stephanie Bain (LA)
Robert Pooley (FL)
Christy Merrill (NC)
Dino Rizzo (LA)
Dave and Jean Ohlerking (LA)
Dan Ohlerking (LA)
Ben and Susan Rodgers (Swaziland)
Patrick Conti (Swaziland)
Daran and Teresa Rehmeyer (Swaziland)
Charles and Kristen Young (Swaziland)

thanks everyone. if you've linked to the site and i've missed you here, please let me know. thanks for praying and for spreading the word!


Cajun Tiger said...

You have me listed as in LA, but Iraq would be more accurate as I'll be back there by then =)

Uncle Steve said...

Dan, its Steve Ware here. Hey listen I revived my blog that i started 9 months ago. it is fieldsville@blogspot.com and I am getting into the whole blog thing since our Germany trip.
i am going to make a post about Childrens Cup and I wanted to tell you about something I stumbled upon. It is a web page www.starvingjesus.com and i posted a blog on their page about Childrens Cup. I don;t know if you have heard of them, but I can fill you in later!

You da MAN!