14 July 2006

forty days of prayer for the children

i've got a favor to ask of all of you who read my blog. if you've read much at all here, you know that i'm involved in children's cup - working with AIDS orphans and OVC's in sfrica.

we've felt strongly over the past few weeks that we need to ask people for a united focus of prayer for these kids. if you read some of the stories on the children's cup website, you'll see what i mean. the kids we care for are in some of the hardest situations imaginable. one child was found as a baby after he was left by his mother to die - left in a toilet pit (like an outhouse). others are street kids. most are AIDS orphans. many have the disease themselves. all of them need hope.

so, i'm asking for as many of you as will do it to join us starting august 1for forty days of prayer for the children. we've got a website up where you can learn more and there's an online prayer guide where we'll post each day's focus in a blog format.

if you are willing to pray with us for these precious children, we'd like to include you in the list we've posted of people and churches who are praying. And we'd love it if you'd help us spread the word about it - we've created a special tag you can add to your blog or website.

here's the code to add if you want to link to it:

<a href="http://www.childrenscup.org/40days/40menu.htm"><img src="http://www.childrenscup.org/childrenscuptag.jpg"></a>

the link will look like this:

thanks for joining in - i am thoroughly convinced it will make a difference.


Stephanie said...

You can def count me in!

As always, praying!

Robert Pooley said...

Count me in... and am posting it on my blog... We are headed back to Africa in August.

Jason Guidry said...

It's posted on my blog as well Dan!


Joel Dyke said...


Angel and I will join you guys in prayer for the children. I am going to run it by our children's ministry as well. I will let you know about that. Also, if I can get tech help i will post the link on my Blog. I am technically challenged! You are a blessing bro!


count me in

Travis Johnson said...

Great stuff, Dan!

scott aughtmon said...

I'm in, Dan!

Cajun Tiger said...

definitely in...tried posting the banner but it messed up my sidebar, so I did a post on it instead.

Stopped by your office to visit wednesday and thursday but missed ya...I should be back either one or both of the next sundays.

theinnerprocess said...

Count me in!!!!