14 November 2006

children's cup staff day in africa

here's a few pics from the children's cup staff day we held in swaziland during my recent trip there. (don't even start with me on why it's taken so long to give any kind of blog post on the trip.)

the day was sponsored by healing place church and river valley church (thanks dino and rob) and was everything we had hoped it would be - plus some. we started off with some time just having some r&r with the 'cup missionaries at this little park-hotel place up in the hills just outside mbabane. after introductions of all the staff and teachers and office workers and everyone, we ate lunch and then had a small gathering where God really moved. kristen and roger led some worship, ben led a time of prayer and then ben and dad and i each shared some vision. the wrap-up was just a time of prayer for each other - ben had the missionaries pray one-on-one for the african staff and then all of us prayed for dad and mom.

the pics (thanks ty) as good as they are - only show a part of what we exerienced together that day. the bond of unity and the passionate determination to surrender our lives to God's plan and to serve His call - it hit us like a ton of bricks - no, more like a strong bear hug from God.

thanks for praying for 'cup and the kids at the carepoints.

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