15 November 2006

carepoint kids go on a missions trip

how cool is this? something dad wrote for the children's cup newsletter a couple weeks ago. ben just sent me some pics to go with it.

Maybe you remember our newsletter article titled “None.” It was about a slum by a garbage dump where children from age two to sixteen were forced into prostitution so they could have food to eat. Mothers would have the babies and without even naming them, hand them off to the neighborhood to be raised as sex slaves.

A compassionate believer named Gugu Dlamini saw the children trying to find food in the dump. They would taste it to see if it was poison. Gugu started using her own meager resources to feed and educate 62 of the neediest orphans.

We learned about her work and decided this is the kind of person we want to help. ‘Cup started by providing her food for the orphans. Then medical visits and school classes up to grade three were started. As we saw her great compassion and communication skills we asked her to serve as evangelism director and Bible Club coordinator for all our CarePoints.

“I would love to but I cannot leave my children here without help.” ‘Cup’s answer was to build and staff a fully operating CarePoint for her children. It immediately grew to over 200 kids coming daily for food, medical care, education and Gospel.

Gugu has captured the hearts and imagination of all 3,200 of our CarePoint kids, teaching them the Bible and introducing them to a personal relationship with Jesus. They know whole chapters of the Bible. They write and perform Bible dramas. When the children first came to us their whole thought for the future was, “Where can I get my next meal?” Now the kids dream of productive lives.

And recently—this is awesome—last month we told you about a group of CarePoint kids going on a missions trip. This was Gugu’s kids - she took a busload of her former garbage dump kids on a ministry trip to a town in southern Swaziland. Her children—once they were all brutally exploited sex slaves—went into the schools of Nhlangano and witnessed to the classes about what Jesus had done for them.

How right and wonderful is that?

Here's a few more pics from their missions trip:

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That is such a great example of how it is supposed to work!!!