01 December 2006

san diego - outreach convention

ok, there's a lot more to say about the trip i went on with johnny green and jp brumfield to san diego a few weeks ago, but then again, i still haven't posted all i wanted to about the trip to africa back in september. so, i'm just posting what i can while i have a second to post it.

san diego was a pretty cool place - largely due to the weather and the people from outreach magazine. but a huge factor was the apple store in the outdoor mall we went thru.

bonus: instead of having to see my cheesy self-portrait picture for this like i usually post, jp brumfield has provided us with a picture he took of me creating my standard self-portrait. just to mix it up a bit. thanks, jp. i'll never forget san diego - and the walk thru the city with you. :-)


Jean Ohlerking said...

and that apple looks like it's ready to take a bite out of your head! ha

Jason Guidry said...

There's nothing intimidating about that apple at all...