03 December 2006

excuse #15

the final excuse people give for not going to the mission field (according to the excuses list from keith green essay, "why you should go to the mission field.")

"I'm just not ready to make that kind of a sacrifice and commitment."

keith's response:

Ah! That's just the point. That's probably the underlying reason for almost every one of the above objections. In fact, you might just as well have said, "I'm not willing." You need to decide whether or not you are a disciple of Jesus - that is the question. If you are His disciple, then "you are not your own...you have been bought with a price." (I Cor. 6:19-20) And if you truly love Him, then you will not feel bondage, you will feel incredible excitement at being chosen to represent Him in the world! To be a servant of Jesus Christ, an ambassador, a missionary, is the highest calling a man or woman can attain to!

Now what are you waiting for??

i love the last line there - Now what are you waiting for?

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