03 December 2006

church giving roses to strippers

i got this from alliece cole the other day (a few weeks ago, honestly) but in my absence from posting, i haven't gotten to putting this up until just now. it makes me proud to be a part of healing place church - not because it's such a great thing our people are doing, but because it's such a simple and direct outreach to some people who "the church" typically ignores. check this out:

We had a blast Friday night from hooters to the Alamo to the strip clubs. The manager of Kittens told me that we could come back anytime----that if we were willing to give out roses he would let us in… the Escapade bouncer was stunned we were the church and we wanted to give to the girls…

A couple at the Alamo asked for 2 purple drinks each—that they hadn’t eaten in 2 days---we brought them a box of food on Saturday.

I met a guy - Shedrick (his street name is "Toy"). he's a cross dresser—wanted a rose. I told him no. He said, "oh they are for the real girls?" I said yes—then asked him did he like his life—he hung his head and said no..yet another reminder of the need in the streets for the outcasts…

One of the girls at escapades stopped one of our team and asked her did we have a Sunday school for her children—that she has been wanting them in church…

I have a vision down the road to be giving the men at the strip clubs --cards about the men's breakfast at Frank's which is across the street from Escapade and Kittens. Like we are on one side of the road passing out the men’s bible study info to get them to cross the street! Another idea in the works is having a breakfast at Frank's after the ladies get off work.

It was so cool to be able to reach people in the inner city and point them to the new Baton Rouge Dream Center and then go down South Airline and point them to the HPC Highland campus. 2 addresses—covering both sides of the city.

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