08 December 2005

okay - here it is... FUNNNNNNNY

click here to listen to what i think may be the single most hilarious mp3 file ever. listen closely to the intricate details and nuances that permeate the song.

enjoy. endure. and sing out loud more often.


Stephanie said...

I seriously wonder who told him he could sing!

Who is it?

Dan Ohlerking said...

i don't have a clue - i just know it's hilarious - got it from adam braud... maybe he'll know who it is.

theinnerprocess said...

Dan, I'm impressed. Your first solo album! Way to go. You'll be up there with the best before to long. Maybe sell as many LP's as our former boss!

Dan Ohlerking said...

i wish i could duplicate what this dude does. its phenomenal on many levels.