23 December 2005

grandma bougher

well, yesterday my grandma bougher went to heaven. my mom's mom. 88 years old. served God like every day of her life i think, and a prayer warrior like no other. when my best friend dino rizzo had an anyeurism and we all thought we were going to lose him, the first phone call i made - without even thinking twice about it - was to grandma bougher. i asked her to pray for him because i knew she knew how to pray. and at that point, that was worth more than a million dollars or any amount of money to me. and God answered the prayers she and thousands of the rest of us prayed and healed dino miraculously.

mom blogged about grandma from africa before she and dad got on a plane to head back to the USA (des moines, iowa) for the funeral on christmas eve. (when you visit her blog, do me a favor and drop a comment in there and let her know you were there - she's taking it all well, but your words and prayers would sure encourage her, i know.)

grandma was cool. i haven't run a vaccuum cleaner ever in my life that i haven't thought about her and the way she would be so proud of the pattern in the carpet and wouldn't let us walk on it for however long. so many memories come to mind - funny, happy, warm - but through all of the memories the top of it all is the way she prayed.

what a heritage God has blessed me with. thanks, Jesus. and thanks, grandma. i'll miss you. but i'll see you again at your new place, where the carpet patterns are never erased.

i love you grandma.


David Russell said...

Praying for you and your family, Dan. Your words speak well of her life.

theinnerprocess said...

Dan, sorry to hear about your grandmother. Thanks for sharing your stories about her. It brought back many memories of my grandmother and the great heritage that she passed down!

FeatherIron said...

So sorry to hear your grandmaw is not here any more, not to sound cliche, but we all know she is on the greatest place. Walking IN love finally, with the ultimate love. I know what it is like to lose granmaws, it's a stab in the heart out of no where. One day we will be where they are.

Cajun Tiger said...

Lost my grandma this month also, so I can totally relate.