19 October 2005

the first hit is always free

dang - the whole blogging thing is like doing drugs. you get in and it is free to start with - everything is great fun... read what is going on in the minds of some great minds like geoff surratt and mark batterson and tony morgan and chris over at www.chrisbusch.com. then you start tracking down stuff they're talking about and you end up with a few sleepless nights spent taking "hits."

then you start dealing your own blog and you start finding yourself seeing life through the eyes of blogging. everything makes you want to take out your phone and take a picture.... "ooh ooh, let me get a pic of that for my blog..." and you start talking blogs with some newbie and you're pushing blogspot.com on him like a bag of weed.

i don't really know what that has to do with my main point here except to say that it isn't easy to keep up with. today i had 55 new entries my RSS feed was telling me i needed to read. now, i DID try to steer clear of blogging for a few days there - maybe four at the most - but 55 new entries? that's getting into a job just to read the ones i have thought were too good to pass up.

and writing new entries in my own blog? hah! i'm too busy reading everyone else's blogs.

i went on a trip last week and i took all kinds of pics and noted about a dozen things i wanted to blog about from that trip, but it's over a week later now and i STILL haven't blogged about any of it. and now there's all kinds of new stuff i wanna blog about.

i'll never catch up. it is a terrible feeling. i took a picture with geoff surratt while i was in dallas last week and i told him it was for my blog - guess he's wondering why i haven't posted it yet - you know HE looked good for the pic.

why does something that starts out a such a novelty end up being so able to full me with guilt for neglecting it for just a few days?

anyone got any guidance for a blog junkie? i really don't see quitting cold turkey as an option. i want to blog - and i want to read blogs. but i'm sure curious to konw how some of the rest of you who blog actually keep up with it without letting it overwhelm your "free time."

it's 1:00 in the morning and i'm asking this... dang - just go to bed, dan.

okay. i think i will.

in the meantime, i'd love to wake up in the morning and when i check my blog - to have some helpful answers on the blog here....

thanks y'all.


Anonymous said...

I always love the opportunity to throw out my favorite life word.


You are quite welcome young grasshopper.

Dan Ohlerking said...

ahhhhh sooooo.

Unbalanced skinnyness said...

Balance - ha - what does that word mean?

A nickel says that Dup is the anonymous poster.

Dan Ohlerking said...

can there be any doubt? i've got a ben franklin that's saying the same thing.

Cajun Tiger said...

Self Control...I had to force myself to only look at blogs once a day and not every 30 minutes to see if anyone posted anything new. Doesn't always work, but has helped =)

Cajun Tiger said...

Even if that one time is at 3am...lol

dup said...

Let the main thing stay the main thing. Once any 1 thing becomes more important than the main thing it becomes out of balance. That includes work and any form of play. Of course the main thing is Matt 6:33.

You knew it had to be me!

Geoff Surratt said...

Hmmm...Balance. Doesn't seem to be a Biblical concept does it? (Paul: "Hey, I'd love to see Rome, but I'm taking a few days off")

As to blogging, you learn real quick how to read 50 blogs in 5 minutes and only post what you really want to get out.

Hey, where's my picture??

Dan Ohlerking said...

here you go geoff - http://danohlerking.blogspot.com/2005/10/dont-get-stuck-in-cement-of-campus.html. happy now?

i do think you're right about balance. i know there is something about rest - sabbath-taking, etc. but keeping the main thing the main thing doesn't always translate to balance for me. sometimes there has to be an abandonement to a task in order to move anything ahead. such is blogging. no, it isn't my #1 main thing. but it does fit into my overall life and as such i should do it wholeheartedly (as unto God himself).

Mark Batterson said...


You're asking the wrong guy :)

Man, I need a 12 step program--Bloggers Anonymous :)


Dan Ohlerking said...

BA and PA (podcaster's anonymous)

let's start it, mark. you can push it on all your ipods - kinda like the gamblers anon advertising on casino billboards.

God, grant me the serenity to read the blogs i have time to read and to post the pics i take of me and geoff.