25 October 2005

content is STILL king

check out this article at brand autopsy about marketing. i love the point that what we want is people to not just talk about what we did, but what we do. at healing place church our mission is to not just be a place where people leave an encounter and are amazed at what we did - the cool factor, the excellence in worship, the authentic kindness, etc. it is much much better if they leave remembering that this is a place where the can encounter God - where their needs are met by a loving Savior.

it's not enough just to get them talking about what we did last weekend at church. we need to be sure that the "wow" is just a piece of the bigger theme of hosting an encounter with God himself.


Cajun Tiger said...

Saw you added evotional and GodiPod to your links. NCC is the church I went to when I lived in Downtown DC. Joel was my roommate. Great church!!!

Mike said...

yes! amen, content is king!