22 September 2005

In Your Presence

i've got SO much i need to write about the things God has been showing me through these past few weeks with the hurricanes and some other junk, but i wanna just get this quick shot in - one piece of the puzzle for me has been the song "In Your Presence" by Charity Von. my daughter found the CD at the local LifeWay here and we bought it and track 5 is one i can listen to over and over and over. in fact i did put it on repeat on my itunes the other day - i must have listened to that song a good 20 times back-to-back-to-back before i decided to move on to another one.

the song is a huge help to me to remind me where my mind should be during all this mess. all the time, really.

in your presence i find comfort
in your presence i find peace
in your presence i surrender
Lord i give you all of me
and in your presence i fall on my knees
for you are worthy
in your presence i hear angels sing
holy holy is the lamb of God

it's worth the $0.99 on itunes to buy the song just to hear it.

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