06 September 2005

big day today, bigger tomorrow

i'm not posting much right now - too busy with the hurricane relief effort. been working like crayhayhazy on the website for the coalition of local churches we're working alongside. you can see it at www.prccompassion.org.

i'm also helping to get content about the hurricane together for www.dinorizzo.com.

and we hit a big ol' whirlwind today when ABC announced they wanted to run their Good Morning America show Tuesday morning (now just hours away) from my church's campus in donaldsonville, LA where we've got a shelter for about 230 running. and also in the morning, Kevin Mawae is slated to be on Fox 'n Friends to talk about what he's got going in NY to help with Katrina relief.

so, be in prayer that these websites do what they're supposed to do as people are made aware of them. it has to be about God, not PRC Compassion or HPC or Dino Rizzo or Dan Ohlerking - or about Gov. Blanco, President Bush, or Mayor Holden. this has to be God to see us thru. and i think that is His plan in this - that we'd see Him alone as our sufficiency.

it's much easier to say than to live out.... until we actually do it.

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Andrew said...

How'd everything go? I was in class.