30 May 2007

tori is going to L.A.

dino rizzo sent me this pic he took of my daughter tori serving at a memorial day weekend block bbq outreach near the baton rouge dreamcenter she loves to go to. yeah, i'm proud of her.

as if that's not enough reason to be proud, she's also part of a team from here at hpc that is going to the l.a. dreamcenter this summer. then as soon as she gets back from there, she'll be going right into being a part of elevate (hpc's internship program). yeah. check out her letter explaining it all:

hey people,

it’s tori. i want to let you guys know about a few amazing things that God is letting me be a part of this year…

first, refuge (the high school ministry of healing place church), will be taking a missions trip to the dream center in los angeles. (july 16-24) on this trip we will be given many opportunities to reach out to the lost, the hurting, and the forgotten. we will be participating in a number of outreaches and serving opportunities. i know that God wants to do incredible things in us and through us on this trip… and i’m believing that through this experience, our eyes we will be opened even more to the reality of what goes on in this world and even in our own country. and i believe that what we encounter on this trip will not only affect the people there, but it will change us and push us to take more action to bring people into the love of Jesus…

next, God is allowing me to be a part of an internship at healing place called elevate.(begins in august and lasts until may) this program provides several classes and a lot of hands on experience in ministry. i know that God has called me to give my life to Him through ministry, and i believe that this is the perfect opportunity for me to learn how to do that. i want to do all that i can to reach the lost. they are the only reason that this earth is still spinning. i want to dedicate my life to leading them to Jesus…and i believe that elevate will equip me to do that.

i am truly amazed at all that God is allowing me to participate in this year. please support me through your prayers. i need them more than anything.

and i also need a lot of financial support…
the cost of the missions trip to los angeles in $1,000.
and the fees for elevate are approximately $700

so if you can help with finances that is much appreciated, but either way… please support me through your prayer.

thank you all so much.


yeah, i'm excited about what God is doing in my daughter's life (that's about gotta be the understatement of the century).


richbutler@crccsc.org said...


Nice post about your daughter. What a testimony and a heart for the nations. I will be sure to pass this along to our youth pastor...this generation is crazy for His Kingdom and I love it. Thanks for starting such an awesome legacy! I have a 3 year old and this is my desire for her...thanks for sharing. Oh and...thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

Rich Butler

CONNIE said...

I agree! Tori is amazing! You have a GREAT daughter!! God is going to do awesome things through her!

Jean Ohlerking said...


Amy said...

Tori is amazing I love her so much. I am proud of her. You guys did a great job in raising her right

Paula said...

yea she's pretty awesome to me too... I guess I can share her with you!!! haha