09 August 2005

the big time

i've hit the big time. check out the latest leadership network email.

Leadership Network Advance

bobby really is a cool guy. i had some friends recently move up to tulsa from baton rouge and they're going to start going to LifeChurch and it's so cool to know they're going to be in good hands with the folks up there. if bobby is any reflection at all of the heart and DNA of the church, they're going to be great.

thanks again, bobby - and Leadership Network for doing what you do.


Andrew said...

Nice picture! lol

Dan Ohlerking said...

grande fromage

Cajun Tiger said...

Hey DanO...I love blogs!!! Helps me keep up with everyone back home...I miss everyone from HPC so much!!! Thankfully I have a great church up here in DC, but nothing will ever compare to my true spiritual home. If you don't know who I am yet...I think you will figure it out if you take a peek at my blog =)

Bobby Gruenewald said...

Thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed our visit and look forward to hearing about all that God through your ministry.