20 July 2005

this will make you think

if you're a Christian, reading the conversation at the link below may offend you. my hope is that you'll get past the offense and hear the message that the people in this conversation are divulging. it was an eye-opener for me about what real people really think really is going on in the world today in regards to churches and ministry. i don't appreciate their profanity... don't read it if you don't want to see some words you probably haven't seen, let alone said, in a while. if you do read it, though, open your heart and determine to be one - just one - Christian who lives it real all the time. People are watching and they see more than you may think.

if you're not a Christian, just understand that i'm very interested in helping "Christians" get a new reputation - we are not all like what some of these people describe. and some of what they describe is totally off track, but heart-felt nonetheless - mainly because of the depth of the pain that "the church" has inflicted on them. but that isn't a reflection of all of us - nor is it how it should be.

anyway - be forewarned, this conversation (which stems from a news article reviewing the grand opening of Joel Osteen's new facility) isn't written in Christianese.



USAF-Medic said...

I read the posts...all of them (as of today, at least) and I can't say that I'm surprised. It shouldn't be a shocker to any Christian that we're stereotyped, just as any other group is, by the extremists and "freaks" in our midst.

Many of the arguments made were more than valid...they were right on target.

We know there are many false prophets in our world today. It's difficult enough for Christians to tell the difference between an ambitious, God-loving man and a power-hungry, fame seeker. Imagine the difficulty of the unbeliever! To him or her, they both look and sound the same. And without the Holy Spirit to rely on for guidance, how do we expect them to make an intelligent choice? The easier choice is to trust no-one, so that's the path they take.

We can do nothing but simply live our lives, day-in, day-out, in a manner worthy of our Father. I, personally was never crazy about the whole WWJD craze (too much like marketing for my taste) but the concept is solid. Live your life as Christ would and let others see the unconditional love you share.

In the end, actions will speak louder than words.

Cajun Tiger said...

Interesting posts...definitely reminds us as you said...we are being watched...that is a very humbling thought but so important. Also ofcourse there will be lots of people trying to rag on the success of Joel and Lakewood because saying anything good about it would force them to look at the message Joel preaches and they don't want to face that.